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“A little of this, and little of that. A pinch of this, and a pinch of that! Sound familiar? Whether you realize it or not, we ALL have a little kitchen witch within us.

Have you ever “conjured”, from scratch, homemade chicken soup for a sick loved one or friend? What about a decadent dessert for your significant other for Valentines Day, an anniversary, birthday or any other special day? What about holidays? Whether it is for celebrating Beltane or Christmas, those of us who create in the kitchen, create magick We add in those special ingredients…Intention and Love!

Through time and many traditions, the kitchen is the place you would often find a household altar. It is the heart of the home, where all activity flows. In some ways, the hearth itself is an altar, centering the home providing food, nourishment, warmth and a beautiful place to gather.” – Excerpt from Creating a Kitchen Altar

This FREE 36-page Ebook  will show you how to create a simple but sacred space for you to amplify the magick you already possess for your everyday cooking and conjuring. Your very own Kitchen Witch Altar. 

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