Merry Meet!

Back in 2007, I started a blog called “Barefoot in the Sand”. Back then I didn’t even know what a blog was until I stumbled across Jamie Ridler’s “Next Chapter” book blogging group. I signed up at and my blogging adventure began with following along and writing about my journey through the book “12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women(aff link – please read disclosure here).

After getting my feet wet in this new world of blogging, I decided to change the name of my blog and begin sharing what I really love. Recipes, seasonal healing, spirituality, paganism, the wheel of the year and personal growth. And so, Confessions of a Kitchen Witch was born.

Why Confessions of a Kitchen Witch?

I have been a kitchen witch even before I knew what the term meant. The name Confessions of a Kitchen Witch came from a very precious memory of mine.

While attending summer camp, I was about 6-7 years old, I made a kitchen witch doll made out of red yarn and black felt eyes for my Grandmother. She hung that doll up in her kitchen with pride and kept it until it fell apart many years later.

She kept it hanging right as you walked into her kitchen and would tell me it brought her luck and made her food taste extra special. It’s a memory I will always carry with me.

As I grew older and began to explore my spirituality, that is when I discovered Wicca and the many paths one could walk upon along this journey called Life.

Food, nutrition, personal growth and magick have always held a fascination for me not to mention it has been a huge part of my recovery journey over the years. Something I will share as time goes on.

Confessions of a Kitchen Witch is a metaphysical lifestyle blog laced with Goddess Spirituality, herbal lore, the energy and power of crystals, everyday & seasonal magick and personal growth through the eyes of those walking an earth based spiritual path.

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