How To Work With Animal Totems

River Otter

Do you have an Animal Totem? Do you work with Animal Totems?

Do you often look up the meaning of animals and what their message is or what they may represent?

If you’re anything like me, finding the meaning of animals have always held a fascination but I often wondered exactly How to work with these messages, meanings, and medicine.

Several weeks ago as I was drinking my coffee my son showed me this adorable video he found on Facebook about a Mama Otter and her baby floating and swimming in the water.

I have always loved otters. They just bring an immediate smile to my face and lift my mood. After watching the video I got curious and looked up the meaning of Sea Otters (I also found out that there are 2 types of otters. Sea Otters and River Otters. I had no clue.)

This is what I found about the Sea Otter:

Otter’s medicine includes woman’s healing wisdom, sensibility without suspicion, guidance in revealing ones talents, psychic awareness, faithfulness, recovery issues, understanding the value of playtime, primal feminine energy, joy, playfulness, prognostication…..Otters are regarded as the masters of play by the Native American and Celtic cultures. Observing an individual otter or a family of otters shows us that it’s possible to view life as a game to be enjoyed, rather than a burden to be endured. Living is not painful, it’s a gift. Life is too short to worry so much…..

When you were younger, like most children, did you feel like you didn’t want to become old and didn’t want life to get serious, or maybe you wished you could grow up and then once you became an adult wished you could relive your childhood as life was too serious now? Are you now too serious? If yes then otter is just right for you for you will be shown how to play again, it will help you find your inner child.

If you are wondering how you can give up your seriousness and learn to be lighten up, the otter’s behaviour can be a point in the right direction. – Shamanic Journey

After reading this something clicked! I made the decision to work with Otter Medicine for the entire year. For all of 2017, I will work with the Otter and her medicine alongside my Power Word, ‘Nourish’ and my Color of the Year, ‘Blue’ (if you’d like to learn more about working with a Color for the Year – no, it’s not too late – hop on over to Sacred Souls Unleashed Facebook Group hosted by an amazing friend and Holistic Arts Coach – Tery Brouwer)

How I Work with Animal Totems

There are many ways in finding your animal guide/spirit but what I am going to share is “How” I have been learning to work with animal medicine once you find your animal guide/totem/spirit.

I did Not look up on How to work with the Otter, I just began to listen to my gut and go from there and this is what I’ve been doing. This may be a little different than what you may find on the internet but it has been working for me and it may help someone else in wanting to work with Animal Totems.

  • Research – What I did first as I mentioned above was to begin researching all I can about the Otter from several sources to truly get a feel for what the otter is all about. Where they come from, their behaviors, etc. I also watched several videos (to my utter delight of course – they’re so darn cute!) to lean into and feel into the Otter.
  • Pictures – I began searching for pictures, printing them out and placing them on my altar as a focal point but also placing them in and around my house as a constant reminder. I also work these pictures in my art journaling and SoulCollage work.
  • Think Like – One of the main messages the Otter has been teaching me is to “go with the flow” and what this looks like for me is to “think like” the otter. When I have been stressed or worried about something or when I become agitated, irritated and upset I literally ask myself “What would the Otter do?” This has become quite the amusement for my loved ones, family, and friends but truth be told, This Works! The second I ask myself this, a smile immediately spreads across my face and I can breathe a little deeper and a lot easier. The problem or stressor at hand may not be solved at that particular moment but what it does do is allow me to take a step back, breathe, smile and move closer to resolution or compromise.
  • Stuffed Animal – Yes, you read that right. I purchased a stuffed otter. I wanted to bring the Otter with me everywhere I go, so what better way than to buy a replication of the animal I am working with. I can tell you this, when I received ‘Ozzy’ (yes, I named my little Otter friend) in the mail, I was SO happy and excited more than I have been since I was a child in regards to stuffed animals. Another otter message – letting your inner child come out to play. As you can see below, I take Ozzy with me everywhere. He is soft, fuzzy and brings a smile to my face.

Ozzy the Otter

So you see, there are many ways to work with animal totems. These are ways that are working for me and I am sure there are others ways as well. As I work more with Otter, the more my life becomes enriched but also it has allowed me to go deeper into what is not working in my life so I can then weed out, release and let go so I can make room for more Joyful, Magickal, and Soul Loving people, places, and things.

I’d love to hear the ways you may work with animal totems. Comment Below to Share! I’d love to hear from you.

More about JennSeitzer

I am a Wild Woman, Gypsy Soul whose Spirit is Free. I follow the Witches Path and hold all of Life Sacred. I revel in herbal lore, the energy and power of crystals and walk among the Ancient Ones. I am Spiritual by nature but all of nature is my church. I have taken all that is good for my soul and nourish it, and have created a Spiritual Path that is designed especially for me, My Heart, My Mind, My Soul.

2 thoughts on “How To Work With Animal Totems

  1. Amy

    Great post! I become aware of animal totems when they keep showing up again and again in the most random places. Then I know they have a sign for me. I love how you chose to work with one for the whole year. Fox has been following me everywhere since the start of the year…, online…I even came across a stuffed one under a bench at the playground. So you’ve just inspired me to work with fox all year. This is not an animal that I’ve worked with in the past, but from the research I’ve done so far…we have a lot in common!


    1. JennSeitzer

      Yes! I have paid attention when certain animals have appeared as if out of nowhere. I don’t know what made me decide to work with one animal but the thought intrigued me so I decided to go for it! Please keep me updated with your adventures with the Fox 🙂


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