Reignite Your Creative Fire

Creative Fire

There are all kinds of ways to die. It is not just physical to one’s body. When you allow your dreams and your creative passion to fade away, that is a death in and of itself. This is something that can happen slowly over time without even realizing it until one day you wake up and do not even know who you are, why you’re here or even where to start to begin picking up the pieces.

Addiction, abuse, depression, mental illness, anxiety, even the every day “programmed” routine of life can chip away at our creative fire, our creative passion.

Our creative passion is the expression of our soul, the vehicle through which our spirit can dance.

Our creative fire can help us to hold on to what is true within us. It can give us a secure and safe fortress in which we can escape through song, music, art, the written word, even through the color and solitude of creating a garden.

Fortresses are meant to protect those who need its protection and onslaughts can wear down even the strongest of walls. Eventually, our creativity can only take a beating for so long until over time can no longer “protect” us as it once did.

I remember so vividly walking through a forested path to my “secret” place. A park across the street from my home that housed bungalows, a lakefront beach with boat rides and hidden between all this were nature trails. I was 13-14 years old and I would take these walks when the stress and dysfunction of my home were too much to bear.

After walking through thick grass and forested trees, the path opened up to a fast moving brook which ended at a beautiful waterfall. There was a huge boulder that I was able to climb onto and just sit next to the rushing waterfall and I would often bring my journal or sketch pad and just create.

I also remember getting lost in music. Playing the flute soothed my withered heart and battered soul. It gave me life when “real” life was just too painful. It is how I survived.

Over the years my creative fire dimmed more and more until one day, 20+ years and two abusive marriages later, I literally woke up and wondered where did it all go. I “gave” away that part of me that was and IS such an integral part of my being and I wanted it back.

Through depression, divorce, addiction, and anxiety, my fortress was in shambles.

For the last 5+ years (most likely more) I was searching, ruminating and seeking. I felt blocked, boxed in and suffocated. I felt lost and disconnected.

I was a shell of what I once was before all the “mess”. I didn’t know where or even how to begin again.

How do you Re-ignite Your Creative Fire?

Creative passion, creative fire comes from deep within. The inspiration, the muse, so to speak, comes from the same place your Soul dwells. It speaks Truth, even when you can’t.

I can give you a step by step guide on “how-to” but I feel that would be an injustice. Everyone is different and has their own path to walk but this is something I feel is universal and almost anyone can begin applying this to re-ignite their creative fire.

Honor Yourself.

Love & Honor Who You Are.

Love Where You Are.

You Are Where You’re Supposed To Be At This Very Moment In Time.

I’m learning to Honor Myself.

I am learning to Be Still.

I stepped back and shut off all the “noise”. The “noise” of media. All media including TV, the phone, the internet. Everything. I needed to become still.

This was not easy at first and presently I still need to be ever mindful and schedule in “Me Time”.

Step out in nature. Talk a walk. Sit outside in your yard. Go to the park. Anywhere that you can be in a natural setting. Listen to the sounds around you. Smell the air. Touch the grass, the leaves, the ancient bark of a tree. Connect to all that is.

I am journaling again. I sit down and just write. Again, at first I felt quite “rusty”, so to speak and stared at a blank page but then I just wrote that I do not know what to write about over and over again until I was writing.

By writing, I was awakening something up inside. I could feel it. I was reconnecting to that 13-14-year-old girl sitting by the waterfall and things began to flow out of me.

I’m playing music again. The beautiful sound of the ethereal flute. Getting lost in the notes, feeling the melody of my soul vibrate within. I am playing solely for me. I’m Honoring Me!

I wanted more.

I was excited.

I began to feel JOY again!

It may not be writing for you. It could painting, it could be music, cooking, gardening, and so on.The point is just do something, anything that resonates with you. That lights you up inside and begin to play! As awkward as it may feel in the beginning, just do it. And then do it again…and again…and again!

Creative fire is not what you do or have. It’s who you are.

This has become part of my recovery journey. Being a woman in long-term recovery (12 years), this is reclaiming of what was lost, stolen or thrown away.

I am now creating for myself as if my life depended on it.

I am crafting a life that I feel Honored and Loved. And that honor and love come from ME. My heart center!

Without my creative fire – my creative passion, I’m dead inside. For a long and horrible period of time, I had stopped breathing. I was no longer drawing, sketching, playing music or writing. What once gave me my fortress and my joy was now vacant and empty.

By honoring myself. By giving myself space and time. By becoming still and listening to my own voice this gave me the opportunity to resuscitate my creative passion. To re-ignite my creative fire.

Remember, you can’t believe in nothing and expect to be creative.

Just the act of creating is a belief that a miracle is about to happen. Re-ignite your creative fire and you open the door to finding YOU again!

More about JennSeitzer

I am a Wild Woman, Gypsy Soul whose Spirit is Free. I follow the Witches Path and hold all of Life Sacred. I revel in herbal lore, the energy and power of crystals and walk among the Ancient Ones. I am Spiritual by nature but all of nature is my church. I have taken all that is good for my soul and nourish it, and have created a Spiritual Path that is designed especially for me, My Heart, My Mind, My Soul.

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