Reflections of 2016 – How I Embraced My Power Words

Reflections of 2016

This time of year is a glitterbomb of the hustle and bustle of the holidays plus it’s that time of year again when all I see on social media are planners. I mean, I do love my glitter but there comes a time when it can get just a little too much.

Planners, goal setting, resolutions, more planners and even more planners. Too much glitter for this chick!

And yes, I purchased a planner (aff link) quietly.

I don’t do hype. I follow what I feel my Soul needs in regards to planning and goal setting.

Before I even put pencil to paper in my planner, I reflect on the year that is now ending.

How I have done this started a little more than one year ago. I have created a ritual of using SoulCollage® in a lot of my inner soul and shadow work. You can find some of my  SoulCollage® work by visiting Songs of the Soul. It’s my Art & Soul Sanctuary. It’s where I play, envision and dream.

I also do not do New Year’s Resolutions. I choose Power Words, or commonly known as Word Resolutions (see, there is that word again, yuk! – yes, I am quite rebellious and have always needed to find my own way, and for some reason, as I write this the Fleetwood Mac song, “Go Your Own Way” keeps ringing in my ears, but I digress.)

This time last year as I was reflecting on 2015 and searching for a word or words to reflect on how I wanted to feel and be in 2016, I journaled through my  SoulCollage® process and came up with “Peace, Freedom, Power, Surrender”. You can find the post here. 

I can honestly say that each one of those words reflected  back to me exactly what 2016 was meant to be. Maybe not in the way I thought or anticipated but sure enough each word embodied 2016 for me.

Reflections of 2016

Peace I found peace when I made the decision to move from PA to AZ. It gave me peace to know that this decision came from my soul and not for any other reason than that.

Freedom Freedom from moving from a place that had grown stagnant and I began to despise (both the state I was living in as well as my actual home)

Power Standing my ground when it came to my health and the surgery I had in June (something for another blog post). I also attribute this to owning my power by overcoming a HUGE fear. I drove from PA to AZ in a 26 foot moving truck with a car carrier on the back PLUS having my son follow me in MY car making sure we stayed connected through each state AND knowing he was safe. He was safe, we were safe with NO needed car repairs. No breakdowns, etc. Take about Divine Guidance! Thank you, Archangel Michael!

Surrender – Surrendering and trusting my decisions about my moving to Arizona but also surrendering and trusting that the doctors and surgeons I had were doing all they could for my well-being.

2016 has been extremely transformative, expansive, and ground-breaking for me. I will continue to nurture myself in the way I have in 2016 but will be stepping it up in 2017.

My Three Power Words for 2017 are:

Nourish – 2017 is the year I nourish my mind with positive, uplifting, supportive and educational truth. I nourish my body with life-affirming, wholesome, real food. I nourish my soul with deep spiritual connection, practice, nature and solitude as needed. 2017 is the year I Nourish my being with pure, unadulterated self-love.

Receive – 2017 I receive without questioning. I just open and allow myself to receive. Receive Love, Friendship, Abundance, Prosperity, Money, and anything that positively comes my way that uplifts me and my life. This is super important to me because for many years I was not able to even receive a compliment with questioning or pushing it aside. 2017 is the year I Receive!

Entrepreneur – 2017 is the year where I firmly step into the role as an Entrepreneur, a Solopreneur. Confessions of a Kitchen Witch is not a hobby, it is my dream, my business, a new chapter in my life. 

As I continue to reflect back on 2016 I am grateful for all the experiences I have encountered, the lessons I have learned and taken with me and I certainly look forward to 2017 and adding more to my power words as I say good-bye only to say hello once again!

What are some of your reflections of 2016? Did you embrace Power Words (Word Resolutions) and if so, how did they transform, if at all this past year?

What do you want to embrace in 2017?

Here’s to Reflecting Back and Moving Forward!

Until Then Make Your Day Sparkle 




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