Everyday Magick

Everyday Magick

You do not need candles, oils, herbs, an athame, an altar or any other prop to experience pure unadulterated Magick! Our altar is right in front of us the moment we open our eyes in the morning!

The sun, the trees, the birds, the seasons and all of the Goddesses’ gifts that are given to us every single breath we take! We only need to stop, step back, listen and breathe!

By nature, I am an Empath and very sensitive to the energies around me.

I am also an extroverted introvert.

What is that you ask?

I love being social. I love people but in order for me to engage and be present and social, I need to also retreat, disengage and recharge my batteries. It’s a balance of extreme self-care, solid boundaries and knowing when to take a step back.

Today’s world is so noisy both on and offline. It is so easy to get caught up in O.P.S (Other People’s Shit!) as my favorite Hippie Witch, Joanna DeVoe puts it.

“Other People’s Shit = shadow stuff, anger issues, neediness, martyrdom, greed, inappropriate demands, rudeness, crudeness & all kinds of attitudeness….

How does Everyday Magick factor into all this?

When the world gets to be too much and I need to unplug (which happens a lot more the older I get) and tap into gratitude this is where Everyday Magick comes into play.

I become very present and aware.

I engage all five senses. 

Here are a few examples:

When I was very very young living in Brooklyn, NY, our family would take rides to the country which was Upstate NY in the summer to visit my Great-Grandmother. As we would ride in the car which to me as a young girl felt like 3 hours when it really was only an hour and a half,  I would stare out the window and just watch the trees go by, close my eyes and let the breeze caress my face.

Today I did the very same thing as rode in the car with my husband. I sat staring out the window and watched the trees go by (cactus and palm trees as opposed to the pine trees back in Pennsylvania).

With the window open, I closed my eyes and let the cool wind (desert cool is so much different than Northeast Autumn cool in November) caress my face, my neck, and my shoulders.

The air smells and “feels” different here in Arizona. For those who are very in tune with energy work then you will know what I mean when I say that the air feels “charged with magick”.

I have said this so many times and will continue to say this, there is magick here in Arizona.

Other everyday magick to me is this:

  • The magick of my husband’s hand on mine as we drive in the car. The smile on his face when I buy him an unexpected just because gift.
  • Spending an afternoon with both my older kids window shopping and going to Used and Rare book shops, and vintage stores. To me, the magick is that both my children, although grown still want to spend the time with me when they could be doing so many other things.
  • The light I see in my children’s eyes. Hearing them laugh. Laughing with them when we are all acting crazy and silly.
  • Watching the sun go down and witnessing the sky transform into beautiful shades of pink and purple or sometimes red, yellow and orange. Mother Nature’s art right before your eyes.
  • Listening to the birds every single night gather at the same time in the same trees, singing their good night song as the day ends.
  • Warming up with my favorite herbal tea and snuggling with a good book and my husband.
  • My life as it is, in this very moment in time, as I can not foretell the future but embracing this present moment.

This is what I refer to as Everyday Magick

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I am a Wild Woman, Gypsy Soul whose Spirit is Free. I follow the Witches Path and hold all of Life Sacred. I revel in herbal lore, the energy and power of crystals and walk among the Ancient Ones. I am Spiritual by nature but all of nature is my church. I have taken all that is good for my soul and nourish it, and have created a Spiritual Path that is designed especially for me, My Heart, My Mind, My Soul.

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