Know Thyself

To Thy Own Self Be True

It all comes down to knowing thyself, doesn’t it?!

Back in 2008, I had started a series of free online Wicca and Witchcraft lessons outlining key elements and the basics for those who were just beginning their spiritual path.

Now that I have revived Confessions I still want to share all that has helped me on my earth based eclectic spiritual path. Wicca and Witchcraft are still a large part of that but I have grown and evolved and so I will presenting this in a very different way. 

When I first began my journey (about 20+ years ago), the very first thing I began to learn and STILL learn is to “Know Thyself”. When I made the decision that Wicca and Witchcraft was a road I wanted to travel upon, I needed to get real and honest as to why this was the path for me. To truly understand who I was, back then as well as now.

“Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look there”- Marcus Aurelius


This still applies today and something to truly and deeply think about.

Take time to learn about yourself. I mean truly know yourself, honestly and wholeheartedly. Really dig down deep into who you are from the depths of your soul. Do not lie to yourself and take stock in all your virtues and your vices. One cannot make any progress without first knowing what you’re about and what you need to work on. What makes you tick? Endeavor to heal your Shadow self. 
Without Dark , there can be No Light. There are always two sides of energy. Male/Female, Day/Night, Good/Evil (although I personally do not adhere to the “good/evil” thing). Everything is made up of energy and has it’s opposing side but in the end, they work and compliment one another. Without your lessons in life, you wouldn’t be the unique person you are right now. So take stock in getting to “Know Thyself”


Two ways you can begin this self-reflective journey are:

  • Keeping a Daily Journal: This can be a gratitude journal that you may write in when you first wake up or before you lay down to sleep. You can also keep a daily journal to record your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This could be about your day, an experience you had, or maybe something that has been lingering in your mind and heart for quite some time.
  • Dream Journal:  Your dream journal can be used as a baseline and can help you interpret your dreams. A lot of times your dreams are one way your shadow self “talks’ to you. Begin to heal those parts of you that you tend to keep in the Dark.
Regardless of the path chosen, we have a responsibility for taking charge of our own life. Ask yourself these questions:
  • What makes me happy?
  • What things do I enjoy doing?
  • What would it take for me to feel successful and happy in your life?
If you are walking a Witches and/or a Wiccan spiritual path, it is important to be both realistic and honest when you think about these questions and how it connects and ties you to your path. Also, if you are just beginning your journey it’s smart to ask yourself why you want to walk this path. What do you want to gain from walking a witches, Wiccan or other pagan path?  
My suggestion is to take the next week (or more…Take your time, this journey is for a lifetime so no need to rush) to take some time for yourself to begin pondering these questions. You can make this a ritual for yourself by doing some meditation, making some tea, listening to some of your favorite relaxing music, incense, candles, anything to get you in the mood to sit and begin taking stock in who you are and what you want and what this new path means to you.
If you have been walking this path already, it’s always nice to look back on your process and how you have evolved and write that down as well. You may discover how much you have changed over time.

Suggested Activity:

  1. Sit down and make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Be Brutally Honest. It is only you that will suffer if you choose to lie and you will not be able to move forward, so let it all hang out! Take your time and do some major soul searching! Like mentioned above, make this something to look forward to by creating a ritual for yourself. Taking time for you!
  2. For every strength you have, how it can be, or perhaps has been, a source of trouble in your life. An example of this can be of being an Empath, or being a ‘people pleaser’ For every weakness, describe how this may have benefited your life, in the end.
  3. Are you happy with your life? Why or why not? What do you need to be happy? List your goals, dreams, and desires that you want to be manifested into your life and what steps are needed in achieving these goals.

More about goals, dreams, and desires in later blog posts but the purpose in writing them down is getting it out of your mind and on paper. This gets  your mind, imagination and heart moving, expanding and thinking. You are already creating when you actively think about in regards to goals and dreams, so why not write them down so you can then begin taking the steps to get you where you want to go.

Here are some Fabulous Witchy Articles & Resources about Shadow Work to help you dive deeper!

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I am a Wild Woman, Gypsy Soul whose Spirit is Free. I follow the Witches Path and hold all of Life Sacred. I revel in herbal lore, the energy and power of crystals and walk among the Ancient Ones. I am Spiritual by nature but all of nature is my church. I have taken all that is good for my soul and nourish it, and have created a Spiritual Path that is designed especially for me, My Heart, My Mind, My Soul.

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